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Day Trade Emini Simple-as-123


Live Trading Workshop Videos
Online day trading workshops and seminars to help traders understand Marsh's Simple-as-123 method of trading.
Workshop Charts Archive

Cool Tools
Commodity Trading Forum, Charts, Recommended Brokers

Ralph's Tradestation Pivot Utility, Ralph's Tradestation Timezone Utility, Adobe Acrobat Reader, PalTalk, Articles on Fibonnacci, Excel version of Pivots Calculator, Bruce M's Pivot Calculator

Meet Marshall
Who is Marshall Jones? Someone a lot of traders have come to know and love! A short biography.

Marsh's Setup
Screen shots of Marsh's typical daily chart setup on a single screen, and also using two monitors.

Cool Links
Links to interesting websites, also links to those who have linked to us.

Emini SP charts that are marked up with day trading strategies

Tutorials on using Snagit, downloading and setting up Hotcomm and PalTalk, opening multiple intraday charts on your screen

Download the Original Manual

Marsh wrote his thoughts on his day trading method down over the years and assembled them into a simple manual, which has up until recently has been free to whoever expresses an interest. You may still download a copy for a nominal fee of 24.99 by clicking the button below:


Please note that this original manual was a work in progress and remains incomplete at this time.


Risk Disclaimer for Trading