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Marsh...let me start out by saying that I have gotten more out of three days this week than
anything I have studied in the past.  I am starting to be able to anticipate what should happen
next, and starting to gain an inner confidence in the concept. -John B.


How to open multiple windows on your screen:

Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator:

On the chart you are watching...go the file menu and click on New. You will see an arrow, click on the arrow and then click on Window.  

After the new window comes up, reduce it in size so that just the chart shows, by grabbing one of the sides and holding your left mouse button down while moving the borders inwards towards each other. Drag it to what ever position you like on the screen. Repeat! You can see my set up below. You can open as many of these windows as you have ram for. 

Itís best to start your first chart from the home page (log in first, of course). Where it says ENTER SYMBOL, in the box below type in ES02U or the current month...then click the arrows where it says Quote(s), when you click on the arrows select LiveChart then click on Submit. This way, every time you click on new chart you will get an ES chart. And here is a little trick one of my old students gave me. In the US Stock Market Watch window, if you click on the $INDU, that chart will come up...and that goes for all of the symbols you see there. 

As you know, if you click on the streaming data window you will get a different window. On my 15-minute window I keep the streaming data running, and on my 5-minute I use the Time and Sales...that way I can use the bid and ask to make my trades with less slippage.

You can make these windows smaller by using the normal techniques with the moving arrows on the chart it self. You will see a double arrow show up if you click right on the line just above the advertising above the chart (if you have the free version of livecharts) and right above the chart itself (if you have the paid version).  See black arrow in the screenshot below. 


Put your mouse right on the line above the words Study Type and you will see it pop up. Now you can drag that up and take out all of that white space. Also click on the corner in the lower right hand box and drag it up to get rid of any unnecessary space.

Thatís how I do it; good luck!

 Marshall's Simple-as-123 Emini Daytrading manual is available for download for 24.99. If you would like to receive it, please click here and fill in the form completely; a download link will then be emailed to you. The manual is in Adobe Acrobat format, so you will need a copy of Acrobat Reader on your computer in order to read it. You can get a free copy of Acrobat Reader here.



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