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Marsh...let me start out by saying that I have gotten more out of three days this week than
anything I have studied in the past.  I am starting to be able to anticipate what should happen
next, and starting to gain an inner confidence in the concept. -John B.

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Marsh's Day Trading Workshops and Classes

Click here for the Live Trading Videos.

If you're interested in day trading the emini S&P this is a highly recommended and very inexpensive place to start. Most of the traders who arrive here have been sent by another trader!

Much of the material covered in some very pricey day trading seminars and courses is covered here for free (in the manual) and and explained at length in Live Workshop Videos. A modest fee is charged for these.

Every month Marsh had a series of these intensive emini day trading classes or workshops in the live trading room on hotComm. If you've never attended a multimedia hotComm session, this is quite an eye opener!

Some of the material covered is also applicable to trading stocks and other indices, as well as being complimentary to just about every other day trading system out there! The classes are suitable for both novices and seasoned traders wanting to add a few useful tools to their arsenal.

Marsh displays his live real time charts during the session, so you don't need to have your own live charts. All you need is a computer with sound card and speakers, a microphone if you want to ask questions instead of typing them, and a copy of the hotcomm software, which you can demo free for two weeks.

Marsh is VERY easy to listen to, he is relaxed, absolutely loves trading and teaching and is never short of something to say!

Before starting the series of workshops, Marsh recommends you thoroughly familiarize yourself with the manual. You can download it for a nominal fee here.

The classes naturally follow the market each day, but have a structured format covering the following topics:

The Basics, and 41 things you need to know, among the following:

  1. How to set up your charts and software
  2. How to use the simple moving average.
  3. How to use MACD
  4. How to set up your Trade Log
  5. Trading with the trend
  6. How to place your orders - Bid and Ask
  7. Learn how to cut down slippage
  8. 6 Reversal zones…maybe even 8?
  9. Some new MACD settings to experiment with
  10. A bullish bias
  11. What to expect on Turn around Tuesday
  12. Looking for a Strategy that fits your personality
  13. Open Gap Strategy…the night traders 24hr session
  14. Gap strategy…using a 10-minute ES chart
  15. Double Tops and Bottoms
  16. 10 o'clock reverse
  17. First hours High and Low - How it affects the day
  18. Reversals…what to be wary of
  19. Pivots - if you want to know where and how to use them
  20. Staying out of the chop ( Looking for a channel)
  21. 12 o'clock hop or flop
  22. Strategies - Gaps, M/A, Breakouts, first hour's high and low.
  23. Advanced Trading Techniques
  24. Understanding trading day personalities
  25. Emotions you never knew you had
  26. Late afternoon Breakout
  27. The Bond Boys
  28. Trailing Stops…when is the best time to use them
  29. Blips…using those candlesticks
  30. 8 possible reversal time zones…How can we tell?
  31. A new and powerful price pattern (200 simple Moving Average)
  32. Momentum…do you get it?
  33. Why it's not working for you
  34. Controlling frustrations
  35. How to stay focused
  36. 1:25 reverse or pullback…how can we tell
  37. Afternoon Strategies ( how are they different)
  38. 12 o'clock hop or flop
  39. That move to the low during the doldrums - risk to reward Reversals to look out for in the afternoon
  40. 2:15 Late afternoon Breakout - How to recognize the set-up
  41. The Bond Boys…Strategies - M/A, Breakouts, first hour's high and low.
  42. Start calling the shots
  43. Lets go back and see what we're missing
  44. How to study after the close…making those screen shots
  45. Using the Trade Log
  46. 2:15 Late afternoon Breakout
  47. Why you should quit - Don't overtrade

Make sure you do your homework…Use your trade log create your screenshots of your chart, draw those trend lines, circle double tops and bottoms, highlight the reversals or time zones.

Concentrate your efforts on the few important things before bothering with the rest of the stuff - you may not need it at all! Its not mechanical, don't get hung up on the mathematics; the numbers are just intended as rough guidelines…If you will take the time to study you will learn to feel the pulse of the market, and make confident trading decisions.

Marsh's Emini Day Trading Videos

The password for the room will be emailed to the class participants on Sunday before the class starts.


  Marshall J. Jones
6214 Lake Athabaska Place
San Diego, CA 92119-3523