Chart Folder - March 17, 2003:

Wow, what moves we had this morning. We had more moves than Elvis Presley...Dow and Nas were mega bullish; TICK, TRIN, MACD did not look down till 1:00 EST.  
  • 1. Open gap strategy good for 1.25 points
  • 2. Gap Strategy (could have had more) 2.5 points
  • 3. Breakout 10-o'clock high no reverse 3 points
  • 4. 10:30 no reverse. Breakout 1st hour high 11 points
  • 5. Pennant breakout...hey I was through for the day....
  • 6. Another breakout at 2 o'clock was also an opportunity  

Prosper,   Marsh

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