Chart Folder - April 7, 2003:

We have seen this before...but I just wanted to send you a little note.
  1. Gap trade was very viable because of the MACD crossover.
  2. 10:30 reverse? With the crossover it should have looked like if was going to reverse?
  3. 10:40 Second candle below the M/A? Along with crossover on the MACD for confirmation.
  4. 10 o'clock low...An aggressive approach would have worked; what if you had put it 1-1/4 below?
  5. 1 -- 2 o'clock 1:25 reverse? It like to move toward the low of the day during this time frame?
  6. 2:30 or so...Breakout #3?

I know, I know...Fear; moved to far to much muscle from the d and n right; right! Been there done that...but I have seen this so many times do all that I have said.

Study this chart...remember what you saw and how you saw it...the key was the MACD.



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